Take me

July 5, 2010
By mitziecat97 BRONZE, Cicero, New York
mitziecat97 BRONZE, Cicero, New York
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Take my hand
Take my heart,
Hold me close,
And never part

Another touch
Another smile
Don’t leave me,
Not for a while

A rose on my pillow
I knew what it meant
The end of our time,
He had just left

A light gone
A smile faded
Time destroyed
A life degraded

Cry alone
All my tears flow
You’re not coming back,
That I know

A note I found
Six words it said
I love you and I’m sorry
It meant I’d be in his head

Time and time again
Love flies away
But with you,
It’s meant to stay

Gone like the petals on a rose
You left me alone
The thoughts finally click
As I wait for you to come home

I look out the window
Watching for a sign
Looking for you
Asking to see you shine

You don’t come, and don’t call
Days, weeks, months, going on a year,
My heart is breaking
My time is near

Please, come home
I need you
Time for love
Like only I knew

Take my hand
Take my heart,
Hold me close,
And never part

I see your car
I jump inside,
I run to you
With no thoughts in my mind

You still look at me,
Adoring and sweet
You lift me up
As we meet

You came back
Baby I was wrong,
I knew I loved you
And I was away too long

Comfort me
Hold me tight
Bring me closer
With all your might

My love for you
Has no bounds
You and me,
We’ll stand our ground

Time starts again,
Your hand is in mine
My smile lightens,
Please don’t cross the line

It’s different now,
Since you’ve come back
There are many things
That we lack

You say you love me,
Don’t walk away
You said you needed me
So I said okay

Take my hand
Take my heart,
I love you,
So we’ll never part

The author's comments:
I guess this is about the number of people who get hurt, but take the person who hurt them back, and forget about the pain that was caused.

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