Behind A Sheet of Glass

July 5, 2010
I'm watching him
from behind a window.
His smile
fake to me
I see the thoughts now
that I didn't before.

I try to press up farther
to see better
but the glass stops me.

My breathing increases
because of anxiety:
I want to stop her
from falling.

The glass becomes foggy
and I have to back up,
I try to control my rapid breaths.

Her eyes
are only on him
easily fogged
just like the glass.

She's wrapped around his finger
like I'd been
just a lifetime before.

I'd say I miss him
because I do
but I don't say anything--

the glass becomes fogged again.

A single tear
drips from my cheek
draining my barrier
I wore before.

Memories flood my leaking eyes
I don't feel for him now
but what I did have
sears a terrible scar
on my thoughts.

I watch her trip
on his outstretched foot
and into his arms.

Easily played
behind the sheet of glass
I'll never pass again.

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