July 5, 2010
By , San Clemente, CA
As soon as you came to my door I new something was wrong
You asked me if we could walk around the city and I agreed
We talked for a little bit but most of the way we were silent
And then you said those killing words
I’m breaking up with you
I could see my face in the reflection in your eyes
Knowing you could see my pain I begged you to stay
But instead you said goodbye and walked away
I laid my back against a wall and felt the cool bricks against it
Many people passed me and pitied me
A girl crying in the middle of the street alone
I now had nobody you were all I had left to live for
Walking back to my apartment was very difficult but I made it
I changed into my best dress and swallowed an entire bottle of pills
While lying on my bed I just kept thinking about you
And as the Darkness swallowed me I saw a picture of me and my little sister before she died
That’s when I realized that what I was doing was stupid
I reached for the phone and dialed 911
By then it was too late and the last thing I felt was regret

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