i wish we were young

July 5, 2010
i wish we could of been young together,
young with out a care,
sticky fingers and faces,
covered in mud,
smiles from ear to ear,
we could of made a secret club only few could of got in,
looked for bugs and creepy crawlies in the grass,
we would hold hands when no one else was looking,
innocent sleepovers that would stop at the age of ten,
think of all the trouble we could of caused together,
i wish we could of grown together,
got taller,
and wiser,
learned lessons we never thought we would,
we could of faced our fears together,
you would of made life sweeter,
we could of faced the odds together,
passing notes in class,
passing time together,
i would of had a friend,
you would of had a me,
we would find ourselves in this big ol' world together,
we could of made a mess together,
fought together,
made things right again,
with some ice cream,
and a smile,
still holding hands when no one was around,
maybe even the type of friends who secretly wanted to kiss the other,
we would look back on the pictures,
from dippers,
to graduation,
and we'd laugh,
i wish we could of been young together,
grown together,
but i am just happy we met when we did,
so i can give you what i have left of my forever,
to you.

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