I wish he knew

July 5, 2010
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Love poem I wrote

Oh if only you knew
I think about you day and night
I can never get you out of my mind
you are the thing I go to bed thinking about
wishing you were thinking about me to
hoping I could make the right decision
wanting to tell you but not sure how you would take it
been shot down to many times
don't want to get hurt again
if only I knew what to do and when to do it
this is so hard I want to tell you and see what you say
but I am to nervous and scared you would shoot me down
and I would get hurt again.....
I love how your eyes sparkle in the moonlight
I love the way you strum your guitar
I want to tell you but I am not sure how you would take it
I worry about it ruining our friendship and making things awkward between us.
I am just overwhelmed with the feelings for you.
I hope you understand everything in the end.

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