Daddy's Son

July 5, 2010
By Anonymous

I am nothing like you.
I don't want none of that superficial touch of yours.
You have no right to a degree of comparison; nor a hence of me being a fraction of your self.
I’m not a suitable counter part for your abusive ways.

Nor do I feel threaten by you, you are a thief, robbing me of my childhood.
My love for you is similar to the cold harsh autumn winter , blue, gray and depressed
the sadness resulting in my climatic muse.
I use to think having a father was the most beautiful thing a person could have, walking and listening to answers cause they were seasoned with wit.
I've lost any taste for you, its become relished with no price , at no cost.
I use to look into your eyes to try and see myself there
But all I saw were my feeling, bruised, scared and bare.
Unfortunately, you don't have a clue
cause now my mouth is immobilized by your actions.
These syllables coming out of mouth are enticing as they drift away in the distance
I give you my fake sympathy

Daddy's son

I use rate my infirmities from a scale of one to ten
undermining the unavoidable times ahead.
I am pain by the sight of you.
I tried to strap my mask on, you see a winkle in my eye and smile on my face,
but hidden deep inside, I'm hurt and ashamed.
The implications to blame, your name calling and your harsh words and your neglect.
I'm in a black and white mood, my voice shaded in a eternal curse. Remember how much I detested you, I feel anger and pain

I hated the way you walk,
I hated the way you speak,
I hated the way you breath,
I hated the way you eat,

But then I would recall
Forgiveness is the mightiest sword, forgiveness of those you hate will be your highest reward
I have to be strong
I may not hold a grudge
I must learn to endure

I must never lose heart nor trust
and I know that I'm scared but I'm willing to be brave
brave enough for love.

In the end I will always be Daddy's son

The author's comments:
Daddy's son is a sarcastic and metaphorical phrase thats symbolic for the trail and tribulation of the relationship between me and father.

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