i am deth

July 5, 2010
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I am death . . .
I hold the key
To heaven or hell.
Please spare me your sad story,
Of why your hear.
Theirs so many more,
Who never herd of Jesus.
You had your chance,
Now tack your fate .

If you who’d of listened .
You won’t be hear .
You had your chance,
Now tack your fate .

I am depth . . .
But I saw your life,
You new the truth,
You even owed a copy.
You had your chance,
Now tack your fate .

You chose this .
God showed you truth,
So don’t be mad at him.
Its your fault .
You refused his offer.
You had your chance ,
Now tack you fate .

I am death .
And iv seen many like you.
You say you dint know ?.
Oh is that rely true?
God had showed you .
You chose to
You had your chance . . .

Who are you . . .
Rally you I mean
Who clam the name of god
And still live the same ?
You no different then the
People you tell are hell bound
If you even have the guts to
To even tell them
You know the truth
So who are you
I think you are worse
Then the atheist
Or the scantest
Or any other religion
Because you knew
I am death
And you need to repent

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