Road to Insanity

July 5, 2010
By andie123 BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
andie123 BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
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Yellow paint fades into the grey
indistinguishable from pavement,
winding on hand in hand
leading the foolish in deeper.

when the time moves so slow you
can barely breathe and
when your mind is so still
you can barely remember your name.

the road violently twists
throwing you overboard into
a stream of memories
whose current is too strong.

you’re drowning in the high tide
reaching out and grasping onto
anything that will slow you.
old people and places that don’t remember you.

when the paint peels from walls
and floorboards creek
under such tired feet
and when the sun never rises

there will be stars there in the dark
to guide you down the old path
that continues to throw you over
when your feet have become to familiar.

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