The Cosmos

July 5, 2010
By nmatthews GOLD, Somers Point, New Jersey
nmatthews GOLD, Somers Point, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
In order to write about life, first you must live it!
Ernest Hemingway

Let the day be with the light, and the night die with the land
For the sun will show the longer shores, but the moon ignites the sand.
If dreaming belongs to dozers, then let the dreamer’s mind go dry
For the dreamer could be dumb and dull, still reaching for the sky.
If you’d asked me days ago, I’d sit there with no answer;
But hours past I’ve felt as years, now knowledge is my cancer.
It eats away my sturdiness, my undying trust of mind.
This doubt has reached its breaking point, these combustions all align.
My stable footing now awry, for help, I seek the stars.
The distance makes this passion real, my hands are stretched so far.

Do you feel this final draw, as the sunlight passes through?
The sun might be too hot to claim; the moon, I’ve promised you.
Now it’s lassoed, I pull her in, and her brother start to scream;
The sun calls out, “You, my boy, a foolish one whose bursting at his seam!
You claim it love, but is it true, when lust has ruled this world?
If you take what is not yours, you’ll find your own unfurled.”
And as the moon approached the shore, bound tightly in her rope
My heart had felt so avid, then, she’d drown there in her hope.
He begged once more, and if he’d knees? He’d soon befriend the ground
For the choking sobs of a sun gone dark by far the only sound.
“You wish to take my only one and turn her to a prize?
Ignorance and ruthlessness bring quickly your demise!”
Then the star above went out, he’d died right with his heart;
If we’d thought this darkness wrong, the end had yet to start.
The moon, she sunk, an eerie glow, and nestled to the beach;
The longer shores had long since shrunk to what was in your reach.
She cracked the earth and sent waves crashing high above the clouds,
Then down they came, and all at once wiped out the watching crowds.
You could call it cleansing, if there was something left to save,
For people were the earthly stubble the moon had wished to shave.
The sun had gone, a useless orb hanging in the night
There was no day that could be had, even less the light.
The moon had, too, fulfilled her fate, as she sunk beneath the sand
For the sun was always with the day, and the moon died with the land.

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