I Don't Know

July 4, 2010
By Moonsong14 GOLD, Georgetown, Indiana
Moonsong14 GOLD, Georgetown, Indiana
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Can't here what I'm really thinking.

When I think about it all,

Everything in this life worth living for,


I wonder if everything I was told is right.

My head hurts and the pain is there,

But the worst part is that I don't own,


Is this where God and heaven have lead them,

My friends,

Or should I find out life on my own?

Should I break what I'm not supposed to


Am I only meant to love one,

Just one person in my life or can I break,


Like those around me,

And make mistakes like a normal person.

Should I let go of my selfish,


Thinking that I am right about everything?

Should I let fiery flames turn to,


And buy into these notions of never forever love?

Should I fight with all the life in me,


Opening my heart's cage let my,


Fly free to the sky where I can finally,

See life from a different point of view?

Will I?

What will happen?

Who will I become?

I suppose the best, most brilliant, and

Genius answer ever to be given is,

I don't know.

The author's comments:
No one ever said life would be easy. No one ever said humans were perfect. No one ever said fitting these puzzle pieces together would be fun. We should strive to live the best we can, but theres never been an easy road to travel. Someone once told me that we all make mistakes and it's all right, while another was screaming in my other ear that I was a faliure for not tieing my shoelaces right in the morning. I forgot that it's not supposed to be a perfect life. I'm supposde to not know the answer sometimes, and that's half the fun of living.

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