As Time Beckons Us, We Realize There's Not Much Left

July 4, 2010
By simplybeautiful_xo BRONZE, Rockaway, New Jersey
simplybeautiful_xo BRONZE, Rockaway, New Jersey
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Falling sin to another fairytale
Collaborating sharply towards the window
Screaming, “Destiny!”

Spinning deep to the past that has you
Weighed down on needles
Pricking at your every judgment from moving forward

Spacing towards fear of redemption and retaliation
Collapsing onto the only thing that is real
And that is worth it

Shear weakness bleeding inside for what is to come
Compressing the outside as mediocre
Sirens screeching warning signals
Flaring out
Bobbing delicately in the ocean of dreams
Flooding through your only true home
Contemplating dignified species through terrified viruses
That corrupt and disembody the sleeves of which held everything together

Sacrifices fiddling with destiny
Toying with youth
Sprinkling a hint of regret as the harsh pain of loving another with everything you are
Screaming for the surface to catch a breath
To catch a break
As the flame and passion and truth dies down
Stripping mountains of collaboration to the concealed truth of the game
Of which so carefully intertwined so delicately manifested from
Angels wings to devils horns

Representing hidden emotion
Masked fear
Trembling hands retaliate with the power of hope
And belief that the sun will rise
Birds will sing holy mementos of the creation of life
Dolphins will swim singing and preaching innocence

Flowers will persistently bloom in the darkest places, in the darkest hours
And life will be created and ended at the speed of light
During the coronation of the essence of happiness and self preservation

We fall victim to flowers blooming, seductive sunrises, birds caressing beauty and purity
And life
Is still left in the dark of operation
And times still precious
Its secret ingredient still roaming with
Every lip we embrace
Every touch we anticipate
Every thought we reminisce
It lies within every sacred word we speak
Every meaningful promise we embark
Till death do us part
Time embraces
Daring every known organism, every bacteria
Every molecule
Every virus
Every follicle of our being
Time follows us
It haunts us

And yet time has a depth to its beauty
Teetering as young children decipher which toy to buy
Or favorite flavor of ice cream to taste

Time slows as dreamland takes over our subconscious
Time races as love plummets deep within our souls
Contracting every muscle, every cell
Combining passion with hatred

Flaunting our worst nightmare
Time floats in our bloodstream beckoning disease to course through every aching bone
Every living thought
Every breath stolen away by fear and tragedy
Time battles our lifestyles finding a way
To reacquaint lost souls
Time controls fate
Time controls destiny

Only we
Our own self
Our own opinion
Our own thought
Our own feeling
Can dictate our ultimate fate

The author's comments:
this poem is about a huge turning point in my life, and talks about a lot of things that i was going through at the time i wrote this poem

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