Bitter sweet

July 4, 2010
I twirl like a carefree-little girl,
I glide like a swan in the moonlight,
I can hear the music playing,
Over and over in my head,
I lightly close my eyes,
dream of dancing on delicate ice,
flowers abroad,
and birds singing,
and little ice faeries soaring through the air,
A smile perfectly laid across my face,
I stop.
Someone's there.
The music fades,
and the faeries vanish.

I look up in silence,
"Please don't stop,"
gently says the boy,
My face burns with anguish,
while I nervously ask him to join me,
he blushes shyly,
as he bows in front of me,
takes my hand,
as we swiftly glide,
across the room,
with high spirits,
when we were happier,
more nervous

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