Dream Come True

July 4, 2010
By Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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"What are men but ghost in empty shells if they do not follow their hearts and ambitions."

Babe before I met you,
I was bound in shackles,
In a dark mausoleum,
A narrow tomb,
That was made of solid marble,
And that was colder than ice.

I never slept,
For when I tried,
I was greeted,
Every time I closed my eyes,
Pictures of failed relationships ,
Filled my dreams,
And my heart would break,
And as it broke it hardened,
Like water stuck in a crevice of a frozen stone.

I was in pain and agony,
And the lack of sleep was weighing down on me,
I tried to fight the urge to lay down and sleep,
But I lost as my eyes closed and I drifted into a deep sleep.

As I slept I dreamed about,
Meeting a beautiful girl,
Who was passionate and caring,
Beautiful inside and out.

She had beautiful brown hair,
And mesmerizing brown eyes,
And yet in those eyes,
I saw the look of searching,
that I have grown to notice fairly well,
For I had the same look in my eyes.

As the dream continued,
I saw the girl come up to me,
And wrap her arms around me,
She then kissed me with her sweet ruby red lips,
And I could have sworn it was real.

When I awoke I suddenly had an urge,
To go searching for the girl in my dreams,
I looked far and wide,
For the beautiful girl who was in my dreams.

I kept searching until one marvelous day,
When the sun shined brightly across the clear blue sky,
I saw a girl,
That I could have sworn I had seen before,
She had beautiful brown hair,
And as she turned her head and looked at me,
I gazed into her mesmerizing brown eyes.

As our eyes locked my heart was engulfed in flames ,
And I knew right then that she was the one,
That I was dreaming about,
And as she wrapped her arms around me,
And kissed me with her sweet ruby red lips,
I knew right then that this was a dream come true.

I bet you are wondering who the beautiful girl is,
It is you and every day I am with you,
Is a dream come true.

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