July 4, 2010
By Ganbatte123 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Ganbatte123 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Tears roll down my face
I look up the hill
they are having fun
without me

I throw my shoes
curse them
all they did was try to shield me
I bite my cheek
and walk in the creek

The stones cut and bruise
the water
is so cold it's warm
I decide
I will show them
I will be noticed
but now I am hiding
with the stones

The cold numbs my mind
I think of all the times
I've been denied
as I walk on the stones

I sink into my chair
school's out soon
but I don't care
I walk by the river
and step in
I plunge in the water
down by the stones

the only things
to ever befriend me
and now I live
down by the stones

The paper comes out
It's my time to be noticed
too bad I'm hiding
with the stones

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