Can you imagine?

July 4, 2010
By , Irmo, SC
Can you imagine?

A future that holds not only tomorrow but a Generation and the next to come.
A world advancing in technology but slowly dying of because of a raging war that never ends.

Countries killing other Countries in the future because of division.

Change and more Change and the uncertainty of it all…….
Wondering if the world presently in turmoil will be restored in the future or destroyed.

What will become of the Children of today still suffering? - Of the next Generation- will they become Doctors and Lawyers? Or Delinquents and Murderers?

“Can you even to begin to imagine”?

Looking in the mirror now as a teenager and wondering what you will look like way into the future- what you will be like?

How you’re present will become your Children’s History and the future will belong to them.
Most frightening what will become of everything and everyone, will it all even last……..
When you think about these things the truth is- it is just too hard

to imagine.

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