July 4, 2010
should i cry ?
you said you would never hurt me .
i thought that was f***in true but you know what whenever this happened i felt like my heart dropped but i'm not gonna cry even though my heart is pouring with tears watin to come out but im not gonna let them .
i cryed to many times to let you make me cry.
there are only 3 people that can ever make me cry and they did but every boy is different like you .
i keep on tellin myself i don't wanna cry but i do inside.
see you was the one that made me move on but now i'm just stuck where i was before you.
why would you do this i knew what you were doing but did you really think i would of cared .
No i never cared if you was cheating but nooooo you just wanted to make someone cry well whoever it is it's not me .

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