My Letter to Life

July 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear LIFE,
I write to you on behalf of a girl I know and the heartache she possess inside,
The strength she once had has slowly withered away, so sadly she is now too weak to fight,
Against the adversity you constantly through her way,
The tribulations and hardships she endures each day,
LIFE, I just need to inform you if I may,
That she is on the edge of giving up on you.
A broken home, her broken family, opposite of the appearance given which is strong,
She mourns at the fact that she feels weaker as a family and invincible only when she is alone,
Those who she encounters everyday only see that smile she chooses to show,
Never are they aware of how she is dying inside or the silent tears that so heavily flow,
She and her once bright, sunny skies, day by day drift farther apart,
Now only dark and lonely nights seem to be the dominant force in her heart
Total control of herself consciously, she has allowed you, LIFE, to gain
Her heart is now numb as a result of all the unbearable pain
Going into various situations under the assumption her story’s ending will change,
But coming out realizing her expectations should forever remain the same,
The expectations of never expecting anything, for hope is impossible to obtain
The feelings of defeat consume her mind to a point at which she can no longer contain,
Her relationship with God weakens with every less word she chooses to say
LIFE, you have her so emotionally unstable now that she feels as if its pointless to pray,
And LOVE, OH LOVE, that word which no value can she give,
The disappointments from her past lingers with her and constantly she is forced to relive,
Being taken advantage of, all the bulls***, so many lies have her ears heard,
How foolish is she for believing fulfillment and her might ever have the opportunity to merge,
So LIFE finally the battle is over,
She surrenders to the hell you are taking her through
Her hope and faith have vanished away with her happiness
And LIFE I have wholeheartedly given up on you.

The author's comments:
Remember there is always someone who knows what you're going through even when you dont know it. Stay strong!

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