What is love?

July 4, 2010
What is love? Is it the simple feeling of completion?
Is it the oneness she comes across when gazing into the eyes of her special someone?
Or is it the sweet and majestic sound of his voice as he whispers “I love you” into the depths of her soul?
Is it the bouquet of flowers he sends her with “thinking of you” attached to the side just because it is Tuesday?
Or is it that one hug she gives that can completely change the outcome of his most trying circumstances by lifting his spirits to greater heights?
Is love that happiness he brings into her heart by being her inspiration on her path in finding her life’s purpose?
Is it the feeling of security she has in knowing whether she looks to her left, right, front or back he will be always be there arms open wide eager for her embrace?
Is love honesty, taking responsibility, and the confidence in knowing yes, she is his world and yes, he is her king?
Is love those cute, affectionate little cheek and nose kisses that they exchange for no reason at all?
Is it that bending backwards, going all the way around and back again for one individual type attitude?
Or is it that quiet walk through the park and then those pushes on the swings?
Is love all those romantic nights spent together just so she and he can wake up side by side breathing in each others very souls?
Or is it exchanged glances from across the room that say “I adore you” when their lips can not?
Is love the overwhelming warmth and out of this world sensation obtained as he slips into her deepest darkest treasure or as she is consumed inside with his pride, his manhood?
What love is not is hostile, negative, and heart breaking. Love is not harsh words and unkind thoughts.
Love can not be evolved from a foundation of his or her lies. Love can not and will not survive on dishonesty, deception, and deceit.
Love is also not an easy task. Love is him never giving up neither is it her surrendering to the fight they are in route to finish because if love isn’t anything else, it is most undeniably not weak.
Love is not selfish and doesn’t contain limitations. Love can and will exceed all of her expectations and love will surface above all of his doubts.
What is love? Is it when she sits talking half of the day away about nothing knowing that he is listening to every single word that parts from her mouth?
Is it those moments when she lays on top of him with her head on chest listening to his heartbeat to see if the matches hers?
Is it being entangled into every love song that comes on the radio because every word seems to describe how he feels about her?
Or is it the admiration displayed followed by the biggest smile as she proudly says to her girls “yeah, that’s my baby” or as he says to his boys “yeah, that’s my girl?”
Is love that sense of protection she feels whenever he’s around because she knows he will without a second thought willingly sacrifice his life for her own?
Is it him staring at her in amazement of how beautiful she is as she has on his big worn out t-shirt, sweatpants with too many holes to count, different colored socks and her hair going in every direction possible?
Or is love her staying up till 6 in the morning playing video games that she doesn’t even understand the purpose of just to see that glow in his eyes?
Is her being in awe of the idea of knowing that she has someone who wants to love her, give to her, and inspire her and she so desperately desires to do for him?
Or is it him giving every second of time he has, giving every emotion, and using every ounce of willpower he has to give her the world each and every day?
Love is a journey where he and she both most come to the realization that one person stepping in front of the other will only hold them both back.
Love is being excited and anxious in taking step by step together, hands interlocked and eyes set on the end, ready to elevate to a higher level spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.
And then once they have stepped far enough, love is realizing that there is never truly an end ?

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