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June 15, 2010
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She’s like a quite little flower
Silent and without power
Her voice won’t be heard
Not one whispered word
With her untold stories
No one knows the mysteries
What has been her history
She is so nervous and shy
Hides behind those pale green eyes
she keeps her secrets tucked away
waiting to make those who hurt her pay
she will never do the deed herself
but prays on god to help
no one would guess that she was the one
that’s ends slowly came undone
the stories she bears took a toll for the worse
leaving her a burden and a curse
she hides it well the best she can
trying to come up with a plan
the life she has lived no one would ever guess
because under the dress pants and blouse she is a mess
she wants to let her secrets out and be free
but she knows that she cant obtain this key
the key will forever be out of reach for her
and her stories will all be a blur
she will fade away from all of us
and they will all go on with their abuse
never walking a day in her shoes
she will give up on her fight to let it all out
taking the wrong route being filled with doubt
her memories are the only thing she has
and even those are the most sad
the voice she has wanted to yell
but they quitted her and left her in hell
if only they would all just listen
this girls existence would truly glisten
so this young girl that had so much to say
will indeed be covered by her stories and fade away

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