October Sky

June 15, 2010
By Tiffany Vasquez BRONZE, Congers, New York
Tiffany Vasquez BRONZE, Congers, New York
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Suddenly Suddenly making believe
That instantly you mean nothing to me, but I’m lying
Nothing and everything seem to be
Clicking in my head instantly
So confused I feel….

Save me.. please?
I don’t understand what’s happening,
What’s stopping me...
From what could be

Finally Finally I’m seeing all my mistakes
Running water, mumbling in my bathroom for days…
Cause when the air runs dry
And I cry tears from my eyes
I need comfort from all these lies

So please…please?
Won't you save me…from here?
I don’t understand what’s happening
So I breathe…breathe
On these lonely streets…I flee
From troubles that cloud my mind
Under the October sky

So I cry ..cry
But I drown my own eyes
I see my mistakes…
And you’re the reason why I won’t make them again
So believe me when I say
That my headache and pain
Has gone away to find some other soul to take

So please…please?
Come take me…me
I want you to stay but leave this burden place
So we escape…escape
To find so place
So we escape…escape
To find where our fates lay
And I may lay with a familiar face…

Under my October sky.

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