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July 7, 2010
By love-hurts__i-know SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
love-hurts__i-know SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
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"i don't walk through my life, i strut through it!"

You went through a lot

Your heart must hurt

But even then you aren't a jerk

You stay happy

And i've never seen you blue

If i was you i couldn't be so true

You inspired me to give it my all

And even if i were to fall

You'd be there to pick me up

To dust me off

and to help me through

Someone could be really hurtful

Or mean

But you'd just go and do your thing

You went through a lot

Of things you didn't deserve

And you still seem to think

That your life is going to be gold

You didn't deserve it

I don't know why

But one thing you made clear

Was that


Knew why

You inspire me each and every day

And i hope that everything
Goes your way

The author's comments:
This poem is to one of the girls in my Language Arts class. She went through a lot when she was little just like me. but i think she might have gone through more than me sometimes. But she inspired me b/c all the junk she had to go through she hasn't let it get in her way in life AT ALL!

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