Oh Goodnight Brother

July 1, 2010
By FluteLovinMeagan GOLD, Tampa, Florida
FluteLovinMeagan GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Oh goodnight brother, please watch over me, I know I cant see you but I here you whispering to the trees.

The night carries on and the rain cracks hard at my window, I know that you are watching me.

Only two days we new each other, and yet I have never let go, thrilled to be alive I stand up proud, sad you died and I lived, I shrink in the corner.

As I rest my head tonight, brother, I realize everything is alright, you may not be next to me, as you use to be, but now you are watching over me, while being a part of me.

I am not just a plain girl as the eye may see, but living with a part of her brother locked inside.

Oh brother guard my dreams and thoughts so that when I must wake, I know you are there for me, helping me through the day.

I know I will hurt and I know I will fall, but you help the pain to go to nothing at all.

Oh goodnight, brother.

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