July 1, 2010
bittersweet_brokenimage BRONZE, Camden, Ohio
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the most amazing things in life are unseen...that's why we close our eyes to cry, kiss, dream...

I am thankful you have rescued me from my nightmare.

Without you, I would still be lost in the mist and fog.

Still searching for someone who will guide me to safety,

And still stuck in the same cloudy places of my mind.

While you reach out and grab my hand,

I jump with fear.

Then I relax and breathe again

When I hear your calming voice

Telling me you promise to take care of me.

It gets clearer as you pull me out.

No more being trapped in the fog.

No more being stuck in the mist,

I give everything to you in return.

Because I can never repay you,

What you've done is to great.

But I will do anything to make you happy,

Make you smile, make you laugh.

I've began to love you,

In time, that love will grow in full bloom,

Beautiful as a black rose,

More precious than a tiger lily,

And as sweet as a honeysuckle.

That is what makes people fall in love.

The beautiful site of the one you love,

The precious time you spend with them,

And the sweet taste of their skin on your soft lips.

Falling in love is magical.

There is nothing else like it,

And there never will be.

That's why I give myself to you.

For you to like and love for as long as your heart may desire.

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