Fairy Godmother

July 1, 2010
By prettyjossx3 BRONZE, Middletown, New York
prettyjossx3 BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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Where's my fairy Godmother when my tears fall?
Lucky Cinderella gets everything she wants,
A handsome prince,
A beautiful gown,
A ride to the ball,
A pair of glass slippers, cleaned with Windex to make them shine and sparkle.
But yet even after the clock strikes twelve she gets a happy ending.
Where's my happy ending?
Or atleast my happy beginning?
No fairtytale for me,
No fairy Godmother,
No handsome prince to wisk me away,
No beautiful gown to make me feel beautiful,
No ride to the ball, which is why im stuck in this tower,
And oh yea, No glass slippers cleaned with Windex to make my feet shine and sparkle.
Just an average story here.
A story filled with love, lost, happiness and death,
And depression with just a sigh of independance.
Not a big sigh but..ah maybe none at all.
My Prince Charming left me to be happy with another,
So wheres my knight in shining armor?
Hmmm at this point I have no clue,
He dosent speak to me unless i speak to him,
No looks or glances,
Some knight huh?
Does he care for me at all?
I know I care for him,
I care for all.
Where's my Fairy Godmother to make all my dreams come true?
I don't ask for much.
Just love.
Where's my Fairy Godmother when my tears fall?

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