July 1, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s like
Being trapped under a waterfall
In a cave behind the crushing blue strength
It echoes
But it’s muffeld, and private
I want to be trapped in that cave
Like when you’re in the shower
Water piles up around your ankles
Dripping down the tiled walls
Steam rises in bluffs and blows
And then it begins to fill up
Reaching your neck, up over your chin
The warm water laps against the
Smooth plains of a calm face
And then it reaches its’ arms
Up and over your head
Like a ballerina pirouetting across her stage
And you’re limp, exhausted
There’s no life left
And so you float silently
And then sink, slowly, slowly to the bottom
Breath is expelled in jellyfish bubbles
Your last exhale bursts to the surface
Always have to throw the little ones back
Pressure surrounds you
And there’s that moment, after you’ve completely let go,
Calmness over takes every cell,
No pain, no thought, and certainly no regrets
And then…

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