A Legitamate Reason For My Dysfunctional Berhavior

July 1, 2010
By ThanopsisAsylum BRONZE, Keokuk, Iowa
ThanopsisAsylum BRONZE, Keokuk, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
The future doesn't mean anything when you’re living in the moment. I wasn't ready for that moment to end.-impulse

And to the girls,
You're worth more than the cheap words.
You see your body as beauty, but your pulse is worth more.
Hear me, it's not what it seems, the feeding tastes of honesty.
This is the warning; you're just a hit to coax my urgency.
Why do we keep what holds us? Why do I keep what holds me down?
Lose the weight of defeat. It's time to stand your ground! -Oh Sleeper –Vices Like Vipers

Victor off of the Hunchback of Notre Dame- It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission.

Toxoplasmosis = Cat + Prego = 2.24x likely for SCHIZOPHRENIA!
See I understand math ; )

I'm sorry for misunderstanding
And misreading the signs
When you said you missed me
I'm one of a kind
For when you called me beautiful And asked me to stay
Offering gifts
And willing to pay
For the smiles and laughs
And things we say
All these feelings
Should go away.

We discuss our feelings,
Our flaws, our ways
How we're never good enough
And ready for change
You say I'm smart
And we have fun
But then again,
I'm way to young

So when you're ready
To be more than friends
It's my game now
Get it through your head

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