July 1, 2010
By Nina Mirabadi BRONZE, Los Altos, California
Nina Mirabadi BRONZE, Los Altos, California
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Fear strikes as the undoubted safety below our feet starts to shake
All the while we leave the world of conformity and modulate
To the polluted air and placid breeze
As all the blind people of the world run around underneath
For they cannot see what I can see
The beauty I have found
Only the lonely narrow road in front
Thus missing the opportunities all around

Two roads lay side-by-side traveling both ways
Yet it is in the middle where I choose to stay
The scorching sun directly above further portrays that I am stuck in between
No sign on either side is the perfect guide for me
Both of my arms stretched on either side
I am chosen as the rope used to play tug-a-war while life steers
One day towards the destined ominous mountains
Another towards the shadowed previous years

As I turn to each side a bend in the road lies near in sight
Uncertainty perplexes me as the birds up above call to take flight
The common illusion of happiness rushes by in a rich BMW
But money does not equal love and it is only love that can give life its value
I then contemplate if I should follow the powerful rich leading the way
Allowing them to oppress me and take control of my life
Or take the exit, a “wrong turn” up ahead
Find a path unique to me and face my own strife

I look down once more at the ignorant people rushing by without a clue
That they became a part of my life, for an irrevocable moment had just passed between us two
And therefore I have to question if they realize that I’m there
That I am looking down upon them, that there is someone who cares
Someone who wants to hear their stories and experiences
Giving definition and reason to their individuality
Someone who wonders about all who love them
Or question if they have been shattered by reality

Yet comforting arms bring me back to where I stand
Lead me away from unorthodox thoughts and far off lands
They envelop me with their love as they draw me near
“Forever safe in my arms you will stay, my dear.”
There is no answer, no direction or specific way, no one exit to take
Only many decisions to be made, but there is a reason to stay
With you there with me and the world beneath me
It is within my eyes where the beauty of the world lay

I realize that I am being looked down upon too
Questioned and cared for, by you.

The author's comments:
The bridge next to my school has given me an escape and a new perspective of the world. I hope that people will get a new outlook on life as well and realize it is ok to chose their own unique path in life even if they are traveling on their own.

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on Jul. 27 2010 at 12:36 am
meh, needs some work..

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