Tragic Lovers

June 25, 2010
Tragic Love
I hear a whispear in my ear, where oh where though is this whispear I hear?
I wonder around this blackened earth looking for my whispear but everytime I look it disapears; whispearing fool oh where are you?
Found you I have not in the bars drinking for hours on this night found you I have not in the park where you think, where oh where whispearing fool are you?
Searching for days this whispear I still hear those words so soft so full of feeling; oh whispearing fool I wish you were here.
Again, no wait this time the whispear has changed at last I know where my whispear has been all this time; whispearing fool why?
Oh tragic love how my heart it beats only for you my whispearing fool, for hours I sit in my room looking an seaching for you whispear.
On the finale night I search for this whispear it apears, my love, my whispearing fool where have you been?

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