I Guess Flirting Isn't All It's Made Out To Be

June 25, 2010
By Anonymous

I guess,
No one ever told him,
That when you talk to a girl for 4 hours straight-through,
She expects you to wave to her,
In the hallways.
I guess,
No one ever informed him,
That when a girl says she’s cold,
It’s because she wants you,
To offer her your sweatshirt.
I guess,
It never occurred to him,
That when a girl can’t stop smiling,
And keeps giggling for no reason,
It’s because she thinks you’re cute.
But maybe,
It’s because,
He found it creepy,
My non-stop chatter, “I’m colds” and incessant giggling,
But it’s probably because,
He has a girlfriend,
And I’m just a girl.

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