The Shore

June 25, 2010
A face of glass,
No one dares stare,
For fear that it may break.
A heart of gold,
No one does see,
For it’s buried beneath,
Heartless misery.
Face concealed,
Behind her mask,
Her cherished walls,
Keep out the past.
Within these walls,
Disaster lies,
The faintest gleam,
Sparks in her eyes.
Her heart, a lone iceberg,
Lost in the blue,
What will it take,
For true life to shine through?
A life raft floats by,
Its passengers whisper words that can work miracles,
They scoop up her frozen, feeble heart,
Trying to save,
What’s already been torn apart.
Cradling small bits of life,
The gentle waves maneuver softly,
Caress her face of glass,
And for once the lost girl,
Can truly breathe,
Shake off a bit of past.
Soft heart beating, hesitant,
Finally a whisper breaks through,
“Bring me to the shore” she says,
“I’m begging you”
The lifeboat rocks softly,
Reminding her of simpler times and rickety old chairs,
And for once the lost girl feels almost okay,
Shakes off a bit of past.
And then all at once,
There is dark,
Though she knows she is safe,
Fear beats,
Into her mess of a heart.
But then she remembers the shore,
Light beats,
Much stronger than what was before,
She feels the heat on her fingertips,
Even through the dark.
A small pressure,
Squeezing her hand,
A whisper of hope,
Ice thaws and joins hands with the ocean,
Walls tumble into the merciless waves,
Eyes open.
She is alive,
Veins of light reach towards her golden heart,
The whispers coax her forward,
Silencing her awful past,
With a last goodbye,
And she does.
Her toes touch the warm sand,
Of the shore,
No longer the lost girl,
She looks around and wonders,
“Where have I been?
There’s so much more.”

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billlover420 said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 2:36 pm
wow this a wonderful poem
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