A smile played upon her beautiful face,,

June 25, 2010
By xColorMeHappyx BRONZE, Trenton, Texas
xColorMeHappyx BRONZE, Trenton, Texas
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Her smile
As it seems so real,,
Simply just a way to feel;
To pretend to feel the selfless joy played upon others,.
The smile,
Played upon her own,
A face that stores so many emotions,
But only shadowing over One; Joy.

A happiness that covers for all of the misconstruities;
Emotions hidden so obvious, Right in front of the human eye…
Still not seen or heard..
Simply overlooked;
Not trusted.
Misconstruities that reveal nothing but happiness, and joy on the outside.

People have no idea whatsoever any of the things that she has been through..
They assume that her life is absolutely perfect in every way possible..
She has no intention of letting others come to an understanding

That they are actually totally wrong.
She does not have a perfect life; nothing even close.
She’s completely full of unreadable thoughts
That nobuddy; even her herself;
Could even come close to comprehending.

In so many pieces…
She’s like one of those wooden ships that you put together piece by piece,
Inside of the little glass bottles..
But incomplete…
Not fully put together;
And slowly falling apart..
Piece by piece by piece.
No one has found her missing pieces, because,
Nobuddy knows that she’s even the slightest bit broken,,
Or even damaged at that.

Maybe someday,
Somebody somewhere
Will finally realize that the smile played upon the lips
Of her beautiful face,

Is Fake.
Just a Hopeful cover-up.

Maybe someday,
Someone will realize that this beautiful girl
No longer wants to be.
Wants to fade away.
Maybe someday,
Somebuddy somewhere will figure out
That the only reason that she is still here,,
Is because she is scared to death to leave.

She wants someone that she can trust.

That she can trust with everything.
She wants someone to be there to hold her hand.
She wants somebuddy that will hug her at any random moment..
She wants someone that will show her that there’s more to life
Than faking a smile, and putting everybuddy else before herself.
She wants to put her past behind her.

She wants to let go of all the things that she can’t forget.
She wants her self esteem back.

She doesn’t want to be Scared anymore.

She wants a life.
A life that won’t be questioned.

But she knows that none of this will ever happen,,

So she will continue to be the person everyone wants to see;

And forget about herself.
Because others are way more important.

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