leave sorrow behind, follow your new life

June 25, 2010
By Blood_Merchant93 BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
Blood_Merchant93 BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
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wrapped in the veil of darkness
your sins cannot be unmasked

you try so desperately to cover up the cuts
the self inflicted wounds you deserve

other methods are added to assist your pain
not feeding for days to starve yourself of this life

being unable to cope you leave your physical form
but now your bound to the earth till forgiveness

your troubled soul strolls aimlessly over the ruined plains
wishing for a way to cut the chains of this cycle

the thorns around your heart make it unbearable to breathe
luckily it doesn't beat anyway for it has perished to ashes

as time goes by and your relatives and friends leave to be reborn
you regret this ever happening but you are not alone

suicidal souls are bound to the earth until they learn to forgive themselves
then one by one they start a fresh life with all memories erased

it may be easy for someone to forgive you but to forgive yourself is a challenge
accepting the loss of your sanity is another but you made it in the end

if the ground crumbles beneath you hold on to the sides
don't let gravity drag you down into self torture

pull yourself back up and take a breath of optimism
look into the distance and you will see a doorway

it's up to you which choice you make
it's your destined pathway to accept

let go of the frown and tears
show off that beautiful smile you own

take a new step forward with your replenished heart
your soul growth is important in reaching eternal happiness

The author's comments:
we all go through tough times in our lives but we always come out the other end with optimism :)

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