June 25, 2010
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I feel the coldness and wetness of my digital fatigues
I feel the numbness of the tips of my finger to my nose and mouth
I feel colder as I drop from a 20ft. drop and into the water
I feel the tiredness and weakness as I take every stroke struggling to get up
I feel a large pain in my lungs giving out
I feel the fast beat of my heart
I feel the relief of pain as I reach the top and take in the last breathe in me
I feel myself sinking down
I feel the pain inside me
I feel the struggle when my legs gave out
I feel my adrenaline buzz
I feel like death is near
I feel no pain
I feel nothing
I feel calm inside just myself floating
I feel someone grabbing me
I feel myself being drag swiftly across the water
I feel myself out of the water
I feel alive

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