Those We're The Days.

June 25, 2010
By Kaabooisrad BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Kaabooisrad BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Thinking back to when life was simple…
When life was easy
Just eat and sleep
When you didn’t have to think about the worst
The best was always just a given.
When you weren’t aware of the problems of the world
Recycling was just a suggestion back then
When boys had cooties
Those were the days
When you only cried when you were hurt
Now just crying ‘cause of the pain
When peer pressure was pulling the fire alarm
Not doing drugs or drinking
When a party was a only a birthday
Didn’t have dirty dirty dancing and illegal substances
When you could hear kids outside till dark
Now electronics rule the world
When your mom was your best friend
Now you can hardly stand her
When your only worry was what time to be home for dinner
Not taking care yourself or siblings or getting a job to help out
When school was just school, a day to day thing
Now it has everything to do with your future and what you plan on doing
When sex was for was for old and married people
Now it’s a daily thing for kids and it’s the cool thing to do.
When labels didn’t matter
Everything relies on labels now
When only old people died
Now you have to worry about your friends getting killed or them killing themselves
Those were the days…

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My view on growing upp

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