The Pain of Loss

June 24, 2010
By DiceBaby GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
DiceBaby GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn

Wild, Uncontained.

Running through my heart,
Soaring across my veins.

My blood turns to fire,
Burning through my soul.
Hatred is the fuel
That ignites this terrible war.

In all the world I had but one,
Who made me feel alive.
Who eased away the pain,
And made my love seem right.

You took away my only joy!
You snatched him from my arms!

I scream the banshee's cry,
The shrieking of the storm.
You will pay the price.
My pain becomes your own.

My wounds become your wounds,
Gashes that never heal.

Feel my storm of rage,
For the world will surely show,
The knife you stuck in my heart
Created what you can't cage.

I replace my love with hatred,
As darkness creeps inside.
My happiness was lost with him
But my strength will never die.

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