Be There

June 20, 2010
If i cry would you wipe away my tears?
Be the same person i began to love when we met
Be there day and night right there by the phone
How i trust you with everything and anything and with secrets that can split the world
When i talk do you actually listen?

And my life is a battle all of my own but i would love to have you there.
So when I'm down will you comfort me and take my hand?
I'll give it a try and with a blink of an eye i hope you'll be by my side
But when i look at you i don't see who i knew.
I love what we had and hate what we have
Don't want to be torn between the life i had and being with you.

It's my life and with you it became brighter
Know putting up a fight just to keep things right.
Although I'm tired of crying and feeling like I'm dying.
I look up at the moon and see it's beauty,wishing on the stars and see if my dream comes true.
It may be a battle all of my own...
But If i cry would you wipe away my tears?
Comfort me and take my hand, and be the one i know you can?

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