Sun and Moon

June 20, 2010
The tall grass sways all around me, as i sit and look out at my endless green and brown sea of soft foot hills and trees.

I watch the hills roll as the grass dances with the cool San Fransisco air and I breath it all in as the the pink rose color of the morning sun stretching out and moves effortlessly with dark blue of the night that is soon to be a memory.

I lay back slowly and look up as the pinks and blues that finally blanket my body, submerging me fully in the new day and i can't help but smile.

I smile at the security of night and day, i smile at its loyalty.

For know matter what has happened or mistakes that have been made, the moon still greets you with calm serenity, allowing you to think dream and escape reality if need be.

Then the sun, kisses you with the heat and energy that snaps you to your senses.

The night and day finds a way to provide balance to every human being.

With out judging, or favoritism. They are blind to race, age, gender, sexuality and social standings.

They do not care if you are supposedly "dammed" or if you are considered a saint.

So, when i am asked what i want to do when i get older, i tell them i wish to be to give my love to those who need it, and provide balance to those who have gone astray. I tell them i wish to the Sun and the Moon.

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