June 20, 2010
By Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
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Stop Dreamming and Start Thinking

I lay in bed.
Eyes wide open,
Heart pounding.
Unable to move.
I can't make a sound.

They creep in to my room.
Through the door,
Through the window seal,
Up the walls,
And down the walls.

They cover my body!
Eating me alive,
Finally a blood curtailing scream
I brake free from my fear!
Scrabbling for the door.
Running, screaming, and jumping,
Pounding and hitting!

I awaken.
Soaked in sweat,
Clenching for air.
Just a dream.
But not for long.

Just to think covered in,
Millions of creeping hairy legged.
Brown and black,
Flesh chomping,
Life sucking,
From nothing more than my greatest fear.

Not tarantulas
Not scorpions
Not snakes
Not sharks

No way in and no way out...
A breeze passes along my face
There they come for me
Help me
Save me
Destroy me
Don't leave me.

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