Finally Free

June 20, 2010

Freed is what i am
from the verbal abuse
gone is the feeling of worthlessness that stayed behind when you left
but the greasy residue of a failed relationship stays
but the fatal memories still scorch my mind
of what you did, of what you said

its hard but i try not to hate you for what happened
it was bad i know but i would still kill for a second chance

i feel like the love in your kiss or the warmth of your conversation
would just make everything, the pointless arguments and the forgotten tears fade

but the reality is nothing would change
we would fight, you would accuse, i'd breakdown
changing who i was to be who you wanted
it left you confused and me staring in the mirror facing a total stranger

The author's comments:
This is an in the moment reaction to the end of a bad relationship. Although I'm happy that it's over and I am able to move on, pain from a first love is slow to heal.

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