That Guy in Pit

June 20, 2010
I've seen him before
But never paid any attention to him 
Til this year
He's a sophomore 
And he is SUCH a cutie
It's funny how I never paid attention 
Til recently
Even during actual band season
It would have been nice that I did though
He's in pit
And I'm in color guard
He's the one that makes the band sound pretty
And I'm the one that makes the band look pretty
He looks so adorable when he plays his instrument
Even if I don't remember what he quite plays
But I can picture his head bobbing to the music
As if he was one with it
I never had the courage to say hi
Because I'm way too shy
But that never kept me from staring
Once, he had come through the entrance of the band door
He scared me half to death and I put my hand to my heart
God, was that embarrasing
I hate when I do that in front of guys
I think I look too girly and wierd
Right after he walked a few steps away I start cracking up
Laughing in humiliation
That guy in pit seemed so shy
And I always wondered if he noticed me
Besides when I know he catches me staring at him
Those times are always embarrasing 
That guy in pit also seemed too good for me
But I don't even know him
But hopefully I get to soon
Because he's really cute
The way he spikes his hair
And his adorable cleft chin 
And his shy smile
Oh and when he's wet =)
That night where the pit wasn't able to perform
Because the rain had gotten the equipment wet
Very sexy if you ask me
But I hope I get to know him soon
Because I don't want him to be the guy I pass by in band
Just to get my equipment
I want him to be more than just
"That Guy in Pit"

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