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June 20, 2010
By Pantophobia SILVER, Stoutsville, Ohio
Pantophobia SILVER, Stoutsville, Ohio
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I am that young girl that people think is to imature to understand life
I am the girl who thinks marijuana is okay,
I am the young on who thinks alcohol is okay,
As long as you don't abuse it
I am the one who dosent eat animals
I am the young one who wants the world
I am the person who wants the world to change, but is frowned upon
I am the one who smiles and you don't even understand why
I am the girl who is emotional and lived a complicated life
I am the one who believes in love as a religion
I am that girl who has to be understood in order to be excepted
I am that girl you don't understand
I am that girl
That girl is me
To be honest
I am very happy as me,
This is all ill ever be is me.

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