Shattered Reflection

June 20, 2010
By gkswodls SILVER, San Diego, California
gkswodls SILVER, San Diego, California
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There in the dark corner sat a girl
Her tangled hair concealing her face
The commotion was just dying down
But for her the sound of their mocking laughter
And their pointing fingers
Burned into her skin and speared her heart.
She stared into the mirror that the boy she had admired for so long
Shoved in her face
Stared at the chubby freckled face that looked miserably back at her
For what seemed like an eternity
Until it was crushed under the muddy boots of another
She looked up to see a crooked smile and a hand reach out for her
They were gone
And all that was left in that dark little corner was a empty chair and shards of a shattered mirror

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