My Desk Is A Black Hole...

June 24, 2010
By DDuckii BRONZE, Westchester, New York
DDuckii BRONZE, Westchester, New York
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Favorite Quote:

The clutter on my desk
Creates a thought of you
Falling through me
in and out you fly
Like a small bird
Chasing a airplane

I step out of your mind
Looking for a door
To lead me to you
But they all need oil,
Which falls from these houses
Where you live once before

Bright eyes sink in faster then expected
Falling deeper into the abyss
Of these empty draws
Filling them with unnatural light
But burning out in the darkness

Even for a second
Can I touch those beams
Shooting from you?

It’s so bright that your skin
Is shining like glass crystals,
Like the ones I know you cry

It’s too painful to watch you like this
I’d cover my eyes but
It’s too much,
I feel like a little kid
Peeking at the surprise
And what a surprise it would be
For you to talk in front of me
Without words

The author's comments:
Owl City / Other Stuffs > .>;;

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