Family is Money?

June 24, 2010
By Anonymous

What is Family?
What does it mean?
Is it love and happiness, or
Is it pain and sorrow?
Are you suppose fear for your life, or
Live like everything okay?
Do we act as the world's okay, or
Tell the world how we feel?
Do we stand up for whatis right, or
Just listen carefully to the pains and cries?
Love they say.
Care they say.
We will always be here they say.
You can always come to us they say.
Where were you when the parents died.
Where were you when the grandparents, the cousins, the uncles, the aunts, the brothers, and the sisters died.
When my home was taken away.
When my friends left to go home,
And I was all alone.
When I stand in a place I lived for 12 years of my life.
When i cried myself asleep in the night.
Where were you?
Where were you?
"OMG I goe this new Couch Bag!"
That's nice for you,
"OMG look what he brought me! It's two rings in one! He's making me his wife! HI IN-LAW!"
Okay! Anyways can I have some money,
"I don't have any"
"I don't have any"
How am I suppose to chill?
How am I to eat?
If every week is the same shhhh.
If every week is the same this.
What is this green thing
That everyone want her?
What is this green thing
Spell on us?
In which the whole wide want her.
The whole world calls for her.
I can remember see her as a baby.
Laying on the street,
Finding it way back to it mommy.
She will grow big,
But she will fall later on.
She will become value
In the heads on all,
But be worthless at the end of all
Some green worthless piece of paper!
Is that all you care about!?
Take a minute, sit back, and think
Your children crying,
Your grandmother laying,
Your grandmother laying
Almost six feet under.
Is this what a family suppose to be?
You have taken away what is means to be in a family!
Matter of Fact She!
She has done it!
The green thing there!
Casted the spell,
That can never be repel!
Family should never be represent by her
And She should never represent family!

The author's comments:
Inspired by my anger.

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