The Night Enchantress

June 24, 2010
By AnneShirley SILVER, Westminster, Maryland
AnneShirley SILVER, Westminster, Maryland
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"There's a lot of Anne's in me. I sometimes think that's why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting."
- Anne Shirley
Anne of Green Gables

I am shadow, I am night. I am the terror within you, the comforting silence all around you. I am beautiful, and yet my beauty is the kind that takes hold and never lets go.
I will always return, and always leave, my home is restless, it is always moving. I am always moving. My hair is a black velvet carpet, my eyes are the eyes of stars. Silver and shining, unbearable to look at, and worse to look away. I wear a gown of shadows and light. I cast darkness on everything, I bring light to you, and then sometimes leave you in darkness.
I wish to be your friend, and yet I cannot. Some love me. Some hate me. It is always the same. My time draws nearer, but even as it draws nearer, it is drawing to a close. I am contradiction, but I make sense. A few understand me... not many, but some are almost my friends. They love playing under my shadow and light. The others shrink away with terror at my touch, to them I bring up unassailable fears.
They try to fight against me, but they can't. I am more powerful than they are, so much more powerful. But then at times I am so weak... I am sent away by my cousin and friend; my enemy. It shines against me, and melts me away, as I bide my time... waiting to return... I wish I always was here. Then, maybe people would learn to not be afraid of me? Would they? They have such an unendurable time with me... But... If I was always around them wouldn't they
love me like they love my cousin? No, they would hate me like they always have... it would be better if I return like I always do. Silent, ready, waiting. Not wanting to harm, wanting to love, and be loved.

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