It will be me

June 24, 2010
By qekelly1 GOLD, Wayne, New Jersey
qekelly1 GOLD, Wayne, New Jersey
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People come into our lives for a reason
Sometimes bringing lessons we are meant to learn
Every lesson a new adventure for the heart to explore with yearning to want to learn more
I am the way I am because I met you

Because I knew you I have changed for the better

You will always be with me

Just remembering the handprint that was left on me heart brings me back to the start

We were a truly perfect picture in my mind

Not one flaw that we either possessed would allow this the end in one big mess

I never truly told you how much you mattered, but now that doesn’t really matter

Just to clear the air, I do not blame you for all the scars you have caused me because there is blame of that I must share
I’m through with playing by the rules of your game

It’s too much for my heart to handle

But even though what we had is gone

I will always remember you and all of the things we have gone through

Now I realize there is so much more to learn

I’m ready for the world

Not scared of letting go

There is so much more to feel

My heart will know it’s real

Even if were far apart

You will always remain in my heart

There is no Mt. I cant climb

For you I would swim through the rivers of time

As you go your way and I go mine

A light will shine

And it will be me…

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