Thanks for your lies

June 24, 2010
By Brheyeon BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Brheyeon BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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"we can't change the world until we change ourselves." -notorious b.i.g.

thanks for the tears, thanks for the cries

time to let you go, time to say goodbye

forget making it work, it's not worth a try

i'm better off without you, it's not worth my questions,

not worth wondering why

thanks for never telling me the truth...thank you for your lies

"i love you becasue you understand me..." what a lie

then why after the laughter i start to hear the cries?

why the silence? why the constant sighs?

why lie when it's hurting deep inside?

love? nah, but it was something like...

thanks for making me not notice you for a minute...

sweet girl in the beginning, witch in the ending

make me take a minute

true colors fade into place, like a coloring book

who the was i dealing with? maybe i should be shook

f--- it, cause you lost something good

it was shaky, but it was fixable

"love" turned upside down, but it was flipable

witch? but remember when i was kissable?

i was hurt, i was a bit dissapointed

a bit in you, but more in me

why couldn't i've been smarter? why couldn't i see?

thank you for using love like a xbox game

thank you for putting me through this, it's insane

thank you for making me care about you, to where i would think about you

whenever i hear your name

thank you for making this last only as a phase

thank you making me stuck in my ways

where i would never ever ever ever change

i'm already crazy, don't worry s--- like you won't make me become deranged

i'm cool

cause i've done the same

your turn to say thank you're welcome

The author's comments:
in dedication to an ex friend

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