Melancholy friendship

June 24, 2010
By Erica Logue BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Erica Logue BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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“No, no, no!
Hang in there Rick
Rick, just hold on!”

A young man screams
And chains that hold him back rattle
This man’s friend is losing his grip on life
The hand of time is ticking

Rick’s time is almost up!!

“Rick I’m sorry but you have to hold on!
Please rick
You can’t…
You can’t give up!”

Encouraging words are called out
But there is no voice to answer back.
This man’s friend will die
If he doesn’t get free

What will you do?

“Rick just hold on.
I will find a way to escape
I will!
So please… don’t die on me!”

The light has gone away
And tears are left unshed
This man’s will is strong
But is it strong enough to break his chains?


The author's comments:
Through this poem may sound a bit dark it really means a lot to my because it shows a very power bond between two very best friends. i myself have a good friend that i would do anything from and i think that this poem only expresses my feelings but hopefully the feelings that all friends share.

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