my shallow water

June 24, 2010
By sashafierce BRONZE, Oakland, California
sashafierce BRONZE, Oakland, California
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My walls break in as I capture my essence. My body lyed as a pose swan.My hair is smooth as ocean creek and my face is liabity with all the face cream i put on it. my looks is silence but my words are triamoh. i caress the fields of liver dreams capyure as a defeated dreams. Smash like a bat about to swing. My life is like a blossom flower but my feelings is like a rancing avanlache. My freiends nad family gather around me. Doubts of pain and relief rush to my center moment. Can i capture my true beauty or you are what you look in the outside? The loooks is undefineable awareness but the soul is what keeps it all in. Mind to be is alot but looks can be destroyed by any cause as a effect. But, my life is like a shallow water.

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