my best friend was a lie

June 24, 2010
By Kathryn Kinney SILVER, Marion, Massachusetts
Kathryn Kinney SILVER, Marion, Massachusetts
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We did just about everything together
From helping each other with homework to taking the blame for me when I did something wrong
You were always there for me, I could tell you anything
But one day that all changed
you decided to back stab me, I've never felt more betrayed in my life
And you didn't do this once, but twice
I'm not sure how you could live with yourself, acting like you never did anything.. waiting for me to find out from someone else
Utter humiliation... for both of you & now me
I wish I could say that I lost my best friend that day, but I can't because my best friend was a lie
She was never there to begin with.
& My mom always told me,
"The one you least suspect is always the one who does the most damage" I just never listened.

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